Rules and policies

As everywhere there are rules that need to be followed.

General Risk Assessment

The club has put together a basic risk assessment to cover the regular swims. Attendees need to be aware of this and take note of the guidance and any instructions and signs provided at the pool itself.

Safeguarding Policy

It is important to protect the health, well-being and human rights of people, particularly children and vulnerable adults, and enable them to live free from harm, abuse and neglect. They have the right to be respected and to express their views on any issues or decisions affecting them. Such protection is the responsibility of all adults. In support of this British Naturism (BN) has produced a Child and Vulnerable Adults Safeguarding Policy document. MNSC is a member club of BN and at a recent committee meeting the club has adopted the overarching BN policy along with a small number of policies and codes of practice that BN has provided to assist with it.

MNSC has also appointed two Welfare Officers who are the primary contact points for any Safeguarding questions and issues. Note: all members and officials share a responsibility for Safeguarding but these roles are intended to oversee and facilitate the policies and procedures. The Welfare Officers have had the necessary Safeguarding training and shown up to date DBS checks (at least to Basic level). If necessary issues can alternatively be raised with any of the other club committee members.

The core BN policy document is around twenty four pages and a printed copy of this and the related documents are available to view for anyone attending the club swims or other club events. In addition listed here are the policies and codes of practice but the one which is directly relevant at all times is the Members Code of Conduct. The others will apply additionally to particular aspects or situations.

1. Members Code of Conduct. This is a single page that is the central one all members need to follow.

The additional ones are:-

2. Club Officers and Volunteers Code of Conduct. This is also a single page that applies to the committee and those with specific club roles.

3. Anti-bullying Policy. This is aimed at ensuring appropriate behaviour by young people in the club.

4. Photography Policy. There is no photography without the permission of both the pool management and the club and compliance with the club policy.

5. Social Media Policy. The club is keen to put this into place once an administrator has been appointed for the club’s Facebook page.

Privacy Policy

See the privacy policy page.