About the club

The club was founded in 2002 and we are very friendly, sociable and welcoming of new visitors and members.

The club has a constitution that broadly follows the advice, and much of the wording, recommended by the Charity Commission for the constitution of a charitable association. Constitutions are always horribly boring documents but they are important. It does fit comfortably onto 2 sides of A4 so it could be worse. Constitutions provide valuable protection against things going wrong. This constitution was adopted at the first AGM held on 5 October 2002 and includes subsequent amendments with the latest on 25 November 2018. A copy is available to download here.

Our swims are normally at Mildenhall Pool but we have used other locations such as Newmarket and Ely. We also organise events from time to time such as day visits to Cambridge Outdoor Club. On many occasions club members are invited to meet up at a local pub for something to eat and drink.

To find the pool at Mildenhall then you can follow directions from this map.