Special rules and policies are in place for club swims and the operation of Mildenhall Pool and the latest UK Government rules must be adhered to. At this time the swim times have been moved to a 4pm start and reduced to 1.5 hours with no sauna available, restricted changing facilities and swimming to be in lanes.

The key part of the policy for the club is listed below. At present you MUST NOTIFY THE CLUB ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE if you wish to ATTEND A SWIM.

COVID-19 Policy

MNSC and its members need to comply with guidelines issued by UK Government as well as the rules and policies for Mildenhall Pool issued by Abbeycroft Leisure. To achieve this the following measures have been introduced for club swims:-

  • 1. Members will indicate by e-mail (to the MNSC e-mail address) or text message (to the MNSC mobile number) one week in advance if they intend to attend a particular swim. This allows the club to ensure that maximum numbers are not exceeded. A contact number will also be required if not currently held by the club (see Track and Trace section).
  • 2. Any non-members wishing to attend as visitors also need to provide full name and address details in advance. A contact number will also be required (see Track and Trace section).
  • 3. No-one must attend a swim if they show any symptoms of COVID-19, have recently tested positive, are living with someone who has recently tested positive, or are required to quarantine for any other reason.
  • 4. Members and visitors must give consideration to the risks associated with attending a swim and decide whether these are acceptable given their particular circumstances and state of health.
  • 5. Swimmers must not arrive at the pool entrance more than 5 minutes before the start time on the day of a swim.
  • 6. When waiting to enter the required social distancing must be maintained.
  • 7. One of the club committee will wait in the reception area (wearing face covering) to complete the attendance register.
  • 8. Attendees will enter the reception area wearing face coverings – one at a time – and make session payment using contactless card. Visitor fees will paid by cash into a box provided by the club and no change can be given.
  • 9. Once on the pool premises the procedures defined by Abbeycroft Leisure must be followed.
  • 10. Swimmers must leave promptly at the end of their swim session and no club social meetings will take place after the swims.

Track and Trace

The club’s existing data policies require collection of name and address details (with proof of identity) from all attendees and also a register is kept of attendance at each swim. Additionally, MNSC may be asked to provide the contact details of attendees to NHS Track and Trace (in line with UK Government guidelines). For this purpose a contact number will be required if the club is not already holding this. Only the names and contact numbers will be supplied to NHS Track and Trace. The attendance register and all personal data will remain in the possession of MNSC in accordance with existing data protection rules and policies.